.Peter Robinson


Peter Ronbinson - The Great Plane Race - 1998  
The John Frum Myth
„Mountain Ararat is in America. They have everything – education, tools, all the things we need. Tanna is very far away from that mountain."*
John Frum first appeared on the island Tanna in 1937, arriving with a plane. He put his feet on the land of the Tannese, spoke American wisdom and soon was considered as a god, a phenomenon generally described as „cargo cult". Frum ordered people to return to their tradition, to throw away their European money, to kill their cattle, to abandon their houses and gardens, promising to soon provide new houses, new money, food and animals.
His followers still await his return hoping he will lead the people out of bondage.*
* Edward Rice, John Frum He Come, a Polemical Work about a Black Tragedy (1974) in Amok Journal, 1995

."The Great Plane Race" (1998)

.collection Prof. Wilhelm Schürmann