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Interviewing Stockholm

This is the latest development of a project started in 1999 under the generic title "Interviewing the Cities". Its aim is to scan several levels of the art reality in cities that have such a thing - a reality mix with artistic ingredients.

The project is built from three layers of staged photographs. Each layer has its own reason of being, while connecting with the others in order to articulate a subjective diary of our relation with that specific city.


The first layer - "Re-enacting..." - is dedicated to the art community, whom we try to portray according to a pre-established paradigm, rooted in our previous experiences with deconstructing reproduction photography.

The second layer - "Listening to Sculpture" - focuses on the patrimony of public space monuments - so predictably rich in Europe.

The third - "Framing" - is a trompe l'oeil excursion through the most astonishing and also the most predictable cityscapes, staged by urbanism and confirmed by tourism.

On the occasion of this show we managed to visualize for the first time (even for ourselves) what looks retrospectively to be the logical path of events resulting in subREAL's main body of work between 1995 and today. The installations, performances and photographs from the series "The Art History Archive", "Serving Art", and some collateral projects developed meanwhile, are all streaming now into the "Interviews...". This realization - a loss of innocence in fact - is encapsulated in the catalog of "Interviewing Stockholm", and helps to a better understanding of the project.

"Interviewing The Cities" took shape in the mid 90s at Künstlerhaus Bethanien; was continued in 1997-1998 at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. It was developed in: Vienna, with the support of KulturKontakt; Amsterdam, through the financing of Stichting De Appel; Helsinki, through a residency from the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art. After that it moved to Turku, Montreal and Strasbourg. In 2002 "Interviewing..." was hosted by IASPIS in Stockholm.
The outcome of the project will be a series of publications in different formats (book, web site, CD ROM).



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